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Trust 101

How to Own Mexican Property? - Mexican Trust (Fideicomiso) with Notary Public.

Thank you for joining in and welcome. Here at the Office of the Notary Public number 10 in the city of Cancun we want to introduce you with the basics of the Mexican Trust operations for you to own your next property. This will give you an insight on what to do next and how to feel comfortable while you pursue the home of your dreams.

At the Public Notary number 10 we will be happy to guide you step by step to you ultimate goal. Feel free to book your first videoconference directly with the Notary Public.

We can help you to rightfully own available land and property anywhere in Mexico, by anywhere we mean that we can and also help you to acquire those that are in restricted zone.

The Mexican Constitution commands that the restricted zone is an area of 100 kilometers from the borders and 50 kilometers from the coasts, in which only mexican citizens can hold a the property title, and non mexican citizens will have the right to own via Fideicomiso, the mexican trust.

We are prepared in hundreds of different scenarios in which you will be able to get the special pemit of the mexican authority to beguin the Fideicomiso an decide on its specifications.

Mexican Trust
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